1. Meditation
  2. Dhamma Classes
  3. Poor Student Support
  4. Free Tailoring
  5. Pilgrimage
  • Meditation

    Beginners programme held on every Sunday. Guided by Meditation Teachers will teach how to practice to calm down your mind and find your inner peace.

  • Dhamma Classes

    Held on every Sunday after Meditation classes. The students will learn about the Buddha's Teaching and application in daily life.

  • Poor Student Support

    Every academic year our center contribute poor student educational support and sponsor shoes, bags, books, notebooks, uniforms and other educational expenses, admissions, counseling for higher/periodic studies and career guidance.

    Gift of pair shoes - Rs 250
    Uniform - Rs 300
    Gift of school pack - Rs 1500

    Our chapter YAD Group sponsors

    • Free computer Training for Engineering Diploma Technical Students.
    • Embedded products development
    • Micro processor and Micro controller

  • Free Tailoring

    Free tailoring classes were held at 'Buddha Tailoring Center' by our director Mrs. Elavarasi Karunanidhi and sub local chapter Nagapattinam for the benefit of local self help group women.

  • Pilgrimage

    Buddhist Pilgrimage in a wonderful moment we organize National Level and international level town Bodhgaya, Nalunda,Lumbini,(Nepal) Srilanka, Thailand.