Our Mission
The mission of BLIA members is thus reiterated as follows:
  • Propagate Buddhism with a global outlook
  • Live daily with a humanistic nature
  • Benefit the multitude with a compassionate mind
  • Distinguish between the truth and heresies with right knowledge and understanding.

It is hopeful that everyone works with a common belief towards spreading our moral values with a sense of joy,responsibility, sacrifice, and dedication so as to actualize the strength of our roots in Buddhism.

  • To build better ties with members.
  • To improve intellectually through family fellowships.
  • To join career workshops and get assistance in job search.
  • To receive help and clarification during difficult times.
  • To participate freely in Buddhist study clubs.
  • To obtain assistance when traveling abroad.
  • To assist in funerals, weddings, and celebration services.
  • To increase self-awareness by getting involved in activities.